Amazing German Modular Tiny Home by BLOXS: cozy, efficient & stylish!

Thanks to sponsor, VANKYO Leisure 470 pro, the world’s smallest native 1080P projector: ✨ Meet BLOXS founder Thomas, who is bringing premium German auto industry standards to tiny houses. Enjoy a tour of the prototype 260 sqft tiny house! BLOXS makes high-quality modular tiny homes with smart home technology, sustainable materials & space-efficient features. All are built to German building codes!

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❇️ directed & edited by Tiny House Expedition’s Christian & Alexis
❇️ shot by Luis Murrighile,
❇️ produced by Alexis
❇️ extra photos from Bloxs,

Video Chapters:
0:00 – BLOXS in Germany
0:42 – premium modular homes
1:10 – German auto industry to houses
1:33 – utilize empty lots for tiny homes
2:41 – modular tiny home tour
4:55 – space saving kitchen
6:00 – efficient bathroom
8:18 – sponsor message
9:22 – extreme durability & insulation
11:10 – exterior LED strip lights
11:43 – 3 heating systems
12:20 – solar air collector heating
13:08 – giant foldable window
14:00 – solar power ready
14:40 – bi-directional loading
15:10 – EV charging
15:36 – tiny house cost
15:55 – living room
17:10 – Murphy bed with couch
18:45 – Murphy bed with table
20:35 – 3D configurator
21:45 – European manufacturing
22:19 – North American expansion
22:59 – future of housing
23:50 – hello from Alexis & Christian

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  1. Thanks sponsor, VANKYO Leisure 470 pro, world’s smallest native 1080P projector! Visit: ✨BLOXS makes high-quality modular homes w/smart home tech, sustainable materials & space-efficient features. Built to strict German building codes! This is their 260 sqft prototype; their smallest is now 400 sqft. Want one in N. America? Let them know!✨ *English & German video subtitles available!* 👉 *A permitted home on wheels in Germany:*

  2. Nice…I would like to see the larger one. And to see this happening in America would be great!

  3. Hi and good afternoon, @ PNG time 5:20pm. I am currently watching your tiny houses from 2021. Would you have any build for 2023.?I am one of those who like watching living big in a tiny house, etc.
    Do interested customers place orders from outside of Germany. If you do, do you pay for shipment?

  4. Good looking product especially interested in cost of running this home. I have relatives in Maine USA. This might be of interest depending on where the Bloks product will be made.

  5. Genius! Here in the USA, we still lack simple housing as dynamic as this, and it pains me. Amazing integration of ideas, style, sustainability and configurability. BRAVO!!

  6. Is there one that would be the same size as a standard German tiny garage. Would be great to lift out the garage and drop in a tiny apartment for teenagers.

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