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A company that tours tiny homes (Tiny Home Tours) reached out to me about touring my Skoolie. I was skeptical at first because my Skoolie isn’t completely built out. It was short notice but I decided to have them come and tour my Skoolie anyway. I actually haven’t created a Skoolie tour video of my own yet but I hope to do that soon. This is as close as you’ll get to a Skoolie tour of my bus (for now) until I get around to recording my own bus tour video.

To see the @TinyHomeTours video :

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  1. I came across you from AUSIA’S Channel last night ,the music by the campfire one–it was awesome!!!!👍Iwill look for more🤗

  2. oh, yes I eat veggie burger too!! I get mine at NEW EARTH HEALTH FOODS , Dr Preagers,,low carb real good👍😉 ‘ll in Calif are you still in the desert??🏜 I’ll look for more videos😄

  3. do you no. who JUSTIN & JUBY are on utube– they have an awesome Channel — check them out👍👍🤗

  4. Digging the vibe in your Schoolie. Brings me back to the day. You may have motivated me to tie die my 36 ft fiver. Luv your work, keep on breathing the fresh air of FREEDOM my brother…. PEACE

  5. This video is so refreshing. I’m just starting my skoolie life and I’ve been so overwhelmed with how picture perfect everyone’s looks. I love your authenticity. Thank you.

  6. Hey there Digital Nomad Guy I plan to go up to the Skoolie paloosa. Hope to see ya there my Friend..

  7. I think you’ll like a video named:
    “You Will Be Shocked When You Realise Where the Big Bang Happened” From Astrum, they can’t spell worth a darn, but it is still interesting. The last minute was impressive, you got talent and can sing in tune, quite nice.

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