Carpenter’s Wonderfully Hand-Crafted Tiny House with Clever Layout & Design – Quick Tour

In this video, we’re doing a quick visit of a wonderfully hand-crafted 26-foot long x 8.5-foot wide tiny house on wheels that’s really one of a kind. Nick built this tiny house with an eye-catching asymmetrical exterior that combines cedar shakes and metal siding for a modern look, whereas inside we find a more cozy and traditional interior that’s minimalist but still has some clever layout and design features that make the house functional and beautiful.

You can follow and find out more about Nick’s tiny house builds here:

It’s all in the details for Nick and as you’ll see in the tour, he incorporates lots of natural light, built-in storage, comfort, and practicality.

We’ve actually featured a couple of Nick’s past builds, including this folding tiny house with hand-operated wings that swing out to create more floor space when it’s parked, and another one with a round wagon-style roof and a super cozy interior. Both of these were built using loads of reclaimed materials.

You can tour Nick’s past builds here:
Wagon Style Tiny House Tour:
Folding Tiny House Tour:

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Music Credit: Exploring Alternatives

Editing Credit: Exploring Alternatives

Filming Credit: Julia DiPaolo

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  1. Such a brilliant observation about adding the lowered platform in the bedroom level. Doing this absolutely gives one the visual/physical illusion of standing in a fill-height room.

  2. Your price I’m sure is fair and what you offer is so beyond anything else but it’s never going to happen for me but I love what you create 🥰🥰🥰

  3. I wish I could find a Nick to help me with my quirky log cabin ! He would definitely be able to help it reach it’s potential

  4. So many smart design decisions! The rounded corner wall! Lowering the entire bathroom! Stairs to the loft! And so much more. I love the cream and wood on the interior but if it were mine, I’d do a dark brown or black metal and wood exterior so as to blend in with a woodland environment better. That said, if this was parked in the burbs, it would likely blend in better as is. With so many comments about the fridge it makes me wonder…. Why not separate units; a fridge here but a freezer, that you don’t need easy access to could be put in another location. Just a small one would do. Then that fridge space as is would be plenty. Love the BIG double sink too. Tiny sinks are annoying! This build reminds me a bit of a U.K. canal narrow boat….which is a compliment! Great work!

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