Young Family Built Their Own Tiny House on Wheels for Affordable Living

Ashley and Chad decided to build their own tiny home on wheels after not being able to go the traditional route of buying a house with a mortgage. They’ve lived in their DIY tiny house for 3.5 years now and say this lifestyle has improved their quality of life in many ways. After the initial investment to build the home, the couple says their expenses are quite low, about half of what they paid to rent a studio apartment, and this affordable cost of living allows Ashley to be a stay at home mom with their two children, and makes it possible for Chad to work close to home doing a job he loves.

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In this video, Ashley and Chad share their decision making process, how they built the tiny house, the cost to build it, their systems, and some insights into what it’s like to live in a tiny home as a couple and as a family with young children (pros and cons). We really appreciate them sharing their story and hope you’ll give them a follow!

Ashley and Chad a.k.a. That Hippie Family

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  1. Oh my goodness . I felt like I walked into my own home. Or my mothers . So many things in your home. We had in ours. Love it

  2. I’m 75, retired and live alone in North Texas on a homestead with a 1,20] sq ft house.

    My “end game” is to live in 600 sq ft, the other 600 sq ft being reserved for such a time that I need live-in care. I love my smaller space.

    BTW – I fully intend on living 150 years!

  3. 200 sq feet is everyone house in average in my country. 😅i should start calling my house tiny house and also everyone else house as tiny house. 😂.may be in usa standard that is tiny. In few places that is kinda average. Not big not small . Land costed less than $50000, house construction $more than $50000( took loan). Land is cheap compared to other areas around me because we are off the city. Rural area. And done happy home 🏡 good thing is peace with nature

  4. Very sweet family. If only more people would choose to live a simpler, smaller, more sustainable life like this family… and that people in charge of municipalities would get that this is the answer to the housing crisis that exists in so many places, as well as the fact that most housing nowadays is unaffordable to many people, and the cost of housing creates a real problem of stress and financial burden on individuals. Many tiny home communities are needed across Canada, and from what I have seen of the ones in the US, they really can become “communities” in the best sense of the word. Here’s to That Hippie Family! All the best with your next baby and continuing to live a good life in a tiny space.

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