Retired Woman Builds Her Own Affordable Off-Grid Tiny House – Inspired by 19th Century Vardo Wagons

This tiny house was completely self-built by a retired woman, and her inspiration came from 19th-century Romani vardo wagons. She built the home on a tight budget and spent several years collecting materials and planning the project before she began to build.

You can follow and find out more about Carol and The Dragons Nest tiny house here:

Carol is an impressive woman who put a lot of work into building her own tiny home and finding a place to park it. She tracked the entire build and kept every single receipt in a book so that she knew exactly how much it cost, and so that she could show that it was built to the BC building code. Her parking spot is in a grey zone where it is neither legal, nor illegal to be there.

She lives off-grid with solar power and a generator, and she keeps livestock like goats, chickens and turkeys for milk, eggs, and meat. She has a greywater pond, and a composting toilet built using an antique chair. Just one of dozens of unique antiques and special pieces she included in her home.

We hope you enjoy meeting Carol and hearing about her experience building and living in a tiny house in Canada.

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  1. I have an authentic Vardo as I grew up in the Cotswolds and they were everywhere in my childhood. The Dragon’s Nest is a beautiful homage to Vardos but also has its own character. You have made something beautiful for yourself.

  2. SHE IS AMAZING!! ❤ The Canadian government NEEDS TO ALLOW TINY HOMES TO EXIST!!!! I live in Canada and was born here. Working 2 jobs just to pay rent is HORRIBLE. HOW will my children be able to live on their own????? NOTHING IS AFFORDABLE!!! If I want to build and live in my own tiny home on a plot of land I have purchased it should be allowed!!

  3. The home is gorgeous. It has so many interesting things to look at, so that it looks bigger. Hard to explain but the home is beautifully put together and with an artist’s eye. So much to look at that it seems bigger perseptually. Could also add on if you need more space. I love that the home is not just the basic four walls and a roof, it is decoratively built. It is nourishing to the human spirit to live surrounded by beauty and comfort. Great job!!

  4. My word, the aesthetic of this home is amazing, and the nook bed/ bedroom is beyond words cool.

  5. Hi Carol,

    I am so so glad we met you. You are such an exquisite soul. Your home reflects your beauty, nuance, wisdom, and truth. God bless you my new friend. 💛

  6. You are an amazing lady, we could all learn something from you, no one should move you anywhere, gosh just can’t imagine how much you have done.

  7. I’m amazed of her. Building her own house without any help and living alone at such age, but still surviving. Even though I’m from a different country, different race and believe, if I have the chance to meet her, I want to help her with the outdoor chores, taking care of the animals, learn from her about the knowledge of building tiny house and living alone. May she live long and be bless.
    “One does not need the size of a dragon to have a soul of a dragon”.
    Stay happy and be strong!

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